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About Us

Love Ghana is a charity who provides seed funding, training and support for projects to help alleviate the causes of poverty and to empower communities in Ghana.

Who we are


Love Ghana was created in 2010 as a group of volunteers to help support a variety of projects that the Centre of Christ churches in Ghana had set up. These projects were helping some of the most vulnerable people in their communities.


We saw that this wonderful group of people already knew what was needed in their communities and that we could partner with them.

What we do


Love Ghana provides seed funding, training and support various projects led by Ghanaians.


We have seen women empowered for work, a new school become established, a village rebuild their community centre, a health insurance scheme give hope to a village and much more. 

Where we work


We are currently partnering with projects in the Volta region as well as the Afram Plains in Ghana.

As people from different cultures, we have learned to work together and appreciate each other’s strengths.

Want to find out more about Love Ghana?

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