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Grace International School, Have Tornu

When we first visited the village of Have Tornu in 2009, there was no school and the local children could only manage to walk to the nearest school when they were 10 years old.  Through the local church, we worked with the elders of the village to see a primary school started in 2017.  It began as one classroom but in 2019, thanks to the local church, Love Ghana and Nukoko Ghana, there are two finished buildings, several classrooms and even solar panels on the roof supplying light 24/7 (there is no mains electricity in the village).

Frank, a local church leader, has been a driving force behind the startup of the school.  His passion and hard work have made this possible.  He continues to look for ways to bring education and prosperity to the village, setting up a sewing project in 2019 and currently working on a fishing project.  Frank's enthusiasm and his smile are infectious!

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