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Community Centres

Love Ghana's dream is to have community centres where our projects are thriving. These centres will be places for people to gather, facilitate training and life skills courses, accommodation for those who are convalescing and potentially provide a venue for a school in villages.

Ho Social Centre

In 2015, Love Ghana gave a grant to supplement money raised to purchase ground in Ho. It can take a long time to purchase land in Ghana. Various issues mean we need to do this carefully and wisely. Our Love Ghana people in Ho have been working very hard on this.

In 2018, Love Ghana successfully purchased land on the edge of Ho that will be developed into a large social centre with a vision of having a food bank, clothing store, cafe, training facilities and accommodation for people who are convalescing or visiting the regional hospital.

In 2019, work began on building the first part of the Social Centre. This building will have large social space, office, toilets, a food bank and a clothing store. We hope to raise enough funds to complete the first phase of the building work in 2020!

Have Tornu Community Centre

The local chief in Have Tornu gave the church some land and they wanted to build a community centre which could also be used to start a school as there is no government school in the village.

In 2015, Love Ghana gave the village a grant to purchase the items which they still needed to buy in order to build a stronger structure with a proper roof.  The community plan to fund and improve the building by themselves.

Through the Nukoko Education project, funds were raised to complete the school in the village and also completed the church building. Solar panels were added to the roof which is now providing an invaluable source of energy to the village.

Afram Plains Community Centre

CK and Bete Katsekpor are pastors of a church on the Dorf islands in Afram Plains, a three to five hour boat journey across Lake Volta from Dzemeni.

The building, used by the church, is also the local community centre and a schoolroom for children who are not old enough to travel to the nearest state school. The centre also provides refuge for any family who have lost their home due to storms or flooding.

A number of years ago, this building was rendered unuseable by a flood. The community helped CK and Bete build a temporary structure but the community needed a proper building. CK and Bete had rallied the community to start rebuilding but a lack of funds had stopped progress.

In 2012, Love Ghana gave the community £850 to roof the building. We gave a further £70 in 2013 to plaster the outside walls so that the building would be more likely to withstand a storm. The community now plan to complete the building using their own funds.

Juapong Community Centre

In 2015, Love Ghana provided a grant to the community in Juapong to help purchase the land as they had dreams to build a centre where people could gather, run training and life skills courses and provide refuge for vulnerable people.

The community are now continuing to fund and complete the building by themselves.