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Love Ghana supports projects which encourage communities to save and purchase health insurance. Unlike the UK, everyone must buy health insurance so that they can gain access to free health care in Ghana.

Lolordo (Love in Action) Health Insurance

Love in Action, which is a translation of the Ewe word 'Lolordo', is a project which purchases health care for vulnerable women and children living in poverty for two years. Once they have experienced the benefits of health insurance, we encourage them to save and continue to purchase it annually.

In villages like Have Tornu and Hohoe, the people live from day to day. They tend to spend any money they make each day on their immediate needs. Although health care costs only about £6.50 for adults and 40p for children a year, this is hard to pay when you may never earn more than £1 a day.

Love Ghana continues to support the Lolordo project, encouraging families to save and purchase their own health insurance as well as gaining access to training and work co-operatives.

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