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Crisis Aid

Love Ghana has a number of projects where people within a community work together through trading or farming to create a crisis fund. This enables them to help their most vulnerable people in times of crisis.  We also have a central Crisis Aid fund.

Centre of Christ is a network of churches working mainly in the poorer areas of Ghana. Ghana does not have a welfare state system like the UK, and the support of vulnerable members of society depends on extended family. When people fall on hard times and have no family members who can help them, they turn to their church.

Love Ghana provides the Centre of Christ churches with a fund so they can give hardship grants to help vulnerable members of society with essential expenses. Alongside trade or farm projects, this enables us to help people in immediate need as well as giving them the means to start working their way out of poverty.

From 2020, we will be starting a food bank and clothing store at our new Social Centre in Ho.

"It is no country's destiny to be poor.                                                   

Luisa Dogo,  the first female Prime Minister of Mozambique