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Community Centres
Afram Plains Community Centre

CK and Bertha Katsekpor are pastors of a church on the Dorf islands in Afram Plains, a three to five hour boat journey across Lake Volta from Dzemeni.

The building, used by the church, is also the local community centre and a schoolroom for children who are not old enough to travel to the nearest state school. The centre also provides refuge for any family who have lost their home due to storms or flooding.

A number of years ago, this building was rendered unuseable by a flood. The community helped CK and Bertha build a temporary structure but the community needed a proper building. CK and Bete had rallied the community to start rebuilding but a lack of funds had stopped progress.

In 2012, Love Ghana gave the community £850 to roof the building. We gave a further £70 in 2013 to plaster the outside walls so that the building would be more likely to withstand a storm. The community now plan to complete the building using their own funds.

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